Lucky Number Last


Somehow I always get stuck in the middle of feuds. Currently two of my coworkers who have just become ex-best friends have been shifting around my schedule (and apparently, only mine) so they don’t have to work together. Then they spend their entire shifts telling me what a bitch the other one is.

And I’m like, not to be unfeeling, yo, that sucks, but…I’ve kinda been through a lot of my own shit in the last few years and I’m really sorry, but, I just…you guys need to calm down and take a breath. Either talk it out or don’t but don’t drag me into the middle of it because I am not going to be the most sympathetic listener and you are definitely not going to like my advice.


I can’t wait to buy a PS4 and this game and play it for five minutes and turn it off and unplug the console and play Katamari Damacy really loud with all the lights turned on instead.

Yeah. Basically. Yeah.

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